Enter Competitions with your Hedgie Hog NFTs!

The lowdown on how you can use Solana’s spikiest friends

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4 min readDec 13, 2021

Just under a month ago, we introduced a collection of fashionable and fabulous friends to the Solana NFT ecosystem — the Hedgie Hogs. In our announcement, we provided an overview of the mint and highlighted the NFT’s exciting utility:

“Hedgie Hog NFT holders will gain access to a special Discord channel where YOU decide the no-loss competitions exclusive to Hedgie Hogs. Once competitions are live, you can stake your Hedgie Hogs to enter. To begin, these competitions will run in the existing no-loss format; for each correct outcome, users increase their game token ROI and climb the leaderboard for a chance at the competition prize pool.”

Since the mint, we have been continuing to craft this community-driven experience and have received a lot of interest and questions along the way. Today, we are excited to share more!

There are three key differences between our USDC no-loss competitions, and the one we’ve created with our NFT community, for our NFT community:

  1. Larger prize pool: Mint funds directly benefit NFT holders; with this in mind, we are kicking off the first NFT competition with a $20,000 prize pool!
  2. Community-selected topics: We want our community to have a say in what you play! We recently ran a poll for verified Hedgie Hog holders in our Discord and received a lot of great suggestions for what kinds of topics our NFT community was most interested in predicting.
  3. Multi-topic competition: We decided to include all three of the most popular suggestions in one competition! This will be the first no-loss competition on Hedgehog markets that lets users play in different market topics with a single stake.
Nolt Board with Competition Topic Suggestions

The three topics that will be in the first competition are:

  • European Football (Premier League and La Liga)
  • Crypto (Price targets and NFT Floor Prices)
  • Movies (Opening movie weekend sales and one-day sales)

La Liga games and Movie markets are brand new to our platform, and we’re bringing back beloved NFT price floor markets.

We hope you are as excited as we are and we welcome any feedback! If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Discord server to interact with the community and members of the Hedgehog team.

The Hedgie Hog Competition will be arriving soon — verified Hedgie Hog holders in our Discord will be the first to hear, but we’ll be sure to share the news. Follow us for the latest!

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