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Get you an NFT that can do both


They tell stories. Stories of rare creatures around the world who lurk in the shadows, sniffing for secrets. If you’re fortunate, you may happen upon one of these 10,000 hedgehogs who offer to predict your future.

We first heard the calls of “wen NFT?” when we released our inaugural Beta Hog collectible earlier this year, as a way of expressing our gratitude to early adopters of Hedgehog Markets’ devnet platform.

Today, we’d like to thank our community for being early adopters of our mainnet platform by introducing our first NFT collection: Hedgie Hogs 🦔

We’re awed and inspired by the Solana NFT projects and communities that have grown this year. Hedgie Hogs are our way of not only enriching our existing Hedgehog Markets experience and community, but also a major step forward in our predictions market platform development. We’re focused on utility above all else to ensure long-term value creation and sustainability for our Hedgie Hog NFT holders, who are also our valued platform users.

What can I do with a Hedgie Hog?

Hedgehog Markets launched on Solana mainnet in September 2021 with a new, innovative take on prediction markets: a concept called No-Loss Competitions. In a nutshell, Hedgehog offers an arcade-like experience where users stake USDC to receive game tokens. Users then take positions in parimutuel prediction markets with these game tokens, either increasing or decreasing their total balance depending on if they predicted correctly. At the end of the competition, no matter how they performed, users can unstake their full USDC principal; if they made a lot of correct predictions and landed on the competition leaderboard, they are rewarded with a share of the prize pool! No loss, up only.

The first major utility for Hedgie Hogs is this: users can stake their NFTs to enter exclusive no-loss competitions. And, we may be biased, but we also think they’re super cute. Our first generative collection consists of:

  • Trader Hog
  • Politics Hog
  • Economist Hog
  • American Football Hog
  • Football (Soccer) Hog

We’ll be sharing samples of each on Twitter and Discord this week. Which ones are you most excited for? Keep an eye out and let us know!


Mint and Shine

On November 24, 2021 at 1200 ET / 1700 UTC, you’ll have an opportunity to mint your very own Hedgie Hog for 0.5 SOL! If you’re successful, we’d love to see what unique Hedgie Hog came home with you. Did you name them? Are they your pfp? What’s their backstory?

If you miss the first mint, don’t worry; we want to make sure you can try again! This first mint will be for 5,000 out of 10,000 Hedgie Hogs. There will be subsequent mints and more occupations to come, but there will never be more than 10,000 Hedgie Hogs.

Mint revenue goes back to benefitting you, the community, in the form of prize pools and platform incentives.

Platform Utility

Hedgie Hog NFT holders will gain access to a special Discord channel where YOU decide the no-loss competitions exclusive to Hedgie Hogs. Once competitions are live, you can stake your Hedgie Hogs to enter. To begin, these competitions will run in the existing no-loss format; for each correct outcome, users increase their game token ROI and climb the leaderboard for a chance at the competition prize pool.

We’re really excited about this feature. This is a way to give our users a say in platform development and a say in what you play! Our goal is to empower our community and is one additional step towards what decentralization may look and feel like for Hedgehog Markets. This is just the beginning; keep an eye out for platform avatars and other in-game actions ;) Some fun potential ideas also include merchandise and community votes to determine where funds should go to generate yield!

TLDR: Hedgie Hogs NFT Mint

Mint Date: Nov 24, 2021
Mint Time: 1200 ET / 1700 UTC
Mint Price: 0.5 SOL
Mint Supply: 5,000
Total Supply: 10,000
Location: https://hedgehog.markets/nft

The first major utility for Hedgie Hogs is this: users can stake their NFT to enter exclusive no-loss competitions.

About Hedgehog Markets
The mission of Hedgehog Markets is to provide direct, veritable, and open access to the wisdom of crowds. Hedgehog Markets was founded by George Yu, a former Google and Oscar Health engineer. Interested in exploring ways to better predict future events, and noticing a lack of user-friendly ways to do so, building a decentralized prediction markets platform became a natural extension of that interest. Hedgehog Markets was built alongside e^{i} Ventures (EIV), a venture studio focused on DeFi and decentralized applications. Learn more about Hedgehog at https://hedgehog.markets and on Medium.

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