What about my Beta Hog?

TLDR: Hedgie Hog NFTs

Mint Date: Nov 24, 2021
Mint Time: 1200 ET / 1700 UTC
Mint Price: 0.5 SOL
Mint Supply: 5,000
Total Supply: 10,000
Location: https://hedgehog.markets/nft

But wait — what about my Beta Hog?

When Hedgehog Markets launched our devnet platform in Q2 2021, we rewarded 281 of our users with a Beta Tester Collectible — also known as Beta Hog or BHOG. You’ve probably seen this lil’ guy hanging around:

Beta Hog Collectible
  • Top 100 addresses on the Overall Devnet Competition ROI leaderboard
  • Everyone that submitted an entry to the 🎨creative-contest
  • Users who submitted a Bug or Suggest form and helped us capture important data points for how we could improve our product

Platform Utility

Hedgie Hog (and Beta Hog) NFT holders will gain access to a special Discord channel where YOU decide the no-loss competitions exclusive to NFT Holders. Once competitions are live, you can stake your Hedgie Hogs (and Beta Hogs) to enter. To begin, these competitions will run in the existing no-loss format; for each correct outcome, users increase their game token ROI and climb the leaderboard for a chance at the competition prize pool.

Beta Hog NFT TLDR:

  • Snapshot of BHOG Holders: Friday, November 19th at 17:00 UTC
  • Airdrop to BHOG Holders: Sunday November 21st at 17:00 UTC

More information about BHOG



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