World Cup 2022 $SOL Giveaway!

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3 min readNov 21, 2022


💸 If you lose, you win!

It’s that time again and no we are not talking about the Holiday Season. Thats right, the World Cup is back and this time we’re ready!

Hedgehog’s Peer 2 Peer markets allow anyone to create a market for any World Cup match with the odds they choose. Users can browse open markets on the main P2P page or click the blue “+” at the top right to create a market of their own. All funds are escrowed on-chain and markets are automatically resolved with data from ESPN that get fed on-chain.

Right now we are airdropping 2 $SOL to the first 50 wallets that create a World Cup market on our P2P platform and lose*. This way if you win, you win. But if you lose, you still win! 🥳

We may also airdrop a few things to wallets who are verified, create World Cup markets and share on twitter tagging @HedgehogMarkets, no losing necessary. 😉

*How to qualify and other terms:

  1. Verify your wallet with you twitter account (make sure you do all steps including pasting the tweet url back onto our site to complete the verification). Your twitter handle should display under the wallet icon if you successfully verify.

2. Create a P2P World Cup market on our site with $USDC or $SOL as the denominating token where the minimum amounts on each side of the market are either $25 USDC or 2 SOL.

3. Share your market on Twitter and tag @HedgehogMarket — not sure what to tweet? You can easily share a market by clicking the icon at the top right of a market tile. Or take a screen shot of the market and create your own tweet (just be sure to tag us and link the market!).

Sharing a market on twitter

4. If you lose your market we’ll airdrop 2 $SOL to your wallet 🥳 (not eligible is a market resolved to ‘invalid’).

Each verified wallet will be eligible for a max of one (1) airdrop. Only World Cup market creators who lose are eligible for the airdrop as long as they meet the above requirements. Airdrops will be sent once the market has been resolved on our site. Please refer to our Terms of Service to make sure you are eligible and allowed to use our P2P site. Hedgehog Markets has the discretion to KYC or verify any questionable activity. Max of 50 airdrops will be sent to losing market creators but other prizes may be sent out.



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